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David's approach  

David trained as an integrative psychotherapist so he has knowledge and experience of a number of different psychotherapeutic approaches and theories.  All of these have therapeutic value and can complement each other when an integrative approach is taken.  


Such an approach considers each person as a whole.  David's view is that there are many ways in which a person's experience can be explored and understood.  Therefore he seeks to take the mental, physical, emotional as well as social and spiritual needs of each individual into account and to promote wholeness in all aspects of a person's being.


The length of the therapy will depend on the person, the types of issues that are being addressed and the therapeutic goals set.  However it does often involve a significant amount of time, and a willingness to explore one's own experience. Discussing the issues that have led to seeking therapy in the first place is not always comfortable, but is usually important in gaining the insight needed about modes of thinking, behaviour, and emotion that leads to lasting change. Talking to a supportive, non-judgemental, trained therapist can lead to opportunities for personal growth, awareness and change.  


David sees clients on both a short term basis (usually 8 to 12 sessions) and on a longer term basis, with opportunities for review.  

Qualifications and experience 

David trained at The Minster Centre and has an MA and Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling, from the Minster Centre & Middlesex University.  He is a registered psychotherapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), follows their ethics framework and is subject to their complaints procedure. 


He has been seeing clients in both long and short term settings since 2008, and has worked successfully with adults of different ages, class, ethnicity, sexuality and physical ability.  He aims to value and respect the unique experience of each individual.  For three years David was a counsellor at the Metro Centre in Greenwich working in their Counselling and mental health service. 


Other career experience:

David has nearly 20 years experience working in commerical and the not-for-profit sectors.  He qualified with a Bachelor of Business Studies and as a management accountant in the 1990’s. 


Other interests:

David has an interest in the role of music, dance, and creative arts in personal development and in therapy.  

Appointments and fees 

Your first meeting will be an opportunity to explore the issues you want to address, and to discuss whether David's services may be of help to you.  This meeting may last longer than a normal session which is for 50 minutes. There is no obligation to book further sessions at the initial meeting and you may wish to take a little time to reflect on whether you would like to work with David on a short or longer term basis.  


If jointly you do decide to begin work together sessions may be paid for at the end of each session, or monthly if working longer term.  


Sessions cost range from £65 to £80 depending on location and whether a daytime or evening appointment. (Rates are reviewed annually).  I understand financial circumstances can be challenging.  Therefore wherever possible I try to keep some concessionary rates available appropriate to financial circumstances.   Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.  I will do my best to accommodate differing financial circumstances where my practice diary allows. 

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