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Psychotherapy and counselling aim to help in exploring personal difficulties and problems that may be causing us to be depressed, anxious or unhappy. 


Working with a trained counsellor over a period of time can help relieve difficult psychological and emotional symptoms through greater awareness and understanding of our individual coping mechanisms and approaches. 


Psychotherapists are specially trained to provide a structured relationship that allows us to better understand our problems and reveal a more satisfying and resourceful way of living.  It has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, eating disorders, relationship and sexual difficulties.  It can also help with making decisions, coping with crisis and trauma, and bereavement.  Symptoms connected with these difficulties can be painful and distressing.  When they are examined with the help of a trained therapist they can be opportunities for personal growth, awareness, action and change.     


Sometimes the term ‘counselling’ is misconceived as the giving of advice.  Whilst it may contain some information giving and psycho-educative components, psychotherapy and counselling are mostly dedicated to restoring or enhancing our own self-understanding, decision-making resources and personal growth and fulfilment.  They do this by helping us look at our patterns of behaviour and personality, which are often unconscious, and can make us feel as though we are failing to learn from past mistakes and experiences. 


Psychotherapy requires a significant time commitment, depending on what is wanting to be addressed and David sees clients on both a short term basis (usually 8 to 12 sessions) and on a longer term basis, with opportunities for review.  

Psychotherapy and Counselling

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