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David Collins 

Integrative Psychotherapist 



Short and long term counselling

and psychotherapy in Horsham and London


Short and Long term counselling 
07947 909 762
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All of us go through difficult times in our lives when we find it difficult to cope.


You may be feeling that life has lost its meaning, or worry about the future. You may find that painful memories of experiences from the past are intruding on everyday life, or notice that you seem to be repeating patterns of behaviour from the past.  


Counselling and psychotherapy can provide the space needed to deal with whatever is troubling you, including difficulties in relationships with others, anxiety, depression, or a wish to live life more fully.  


Talking things through in confidence with a specially trained person can help you explore what you are finding difficult.  


You may wish to contact David for an initial meeting where you can discuss what it is you would like to address and to decide if it would be helpful to book further appointments. 

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